Welcome to Mortlach Game.

Wild roe and red deer venison, seasonal fresh small game. 

Eat well, live well

Fresh, prime venison cuts:

– the natural choice,

from Natures’s own larder:

Pray, try the wild-roe’s tender meat,
sic fine in texture – sure, a treat!
An’ heartily ye’ll clean the plate
– O’ these few facts, there’s NO debate!

Mortlach Game is a wild venison and small game processing facility which was created in 2006 to offer finest quality, fresh, in-season wild venison and game to discerning customers. Our main product is properly matured and prepared cuts of locally-sourced wild venison, but we also offer wild rabbit, harvest-time woodpigeon, partridge and pheasant when in season.


We’re firmly focused on producing a top-quality product. Throughput limits, set by the Food Standards Agency for small-scale game and venison producers such as ourselves, allow us to offer our own surplus without any danger of spinning out of (quality) control. Indeed, our averaged annual output will remain less than one animal per working day, which allows us to concentrate on ensuring that our venison is hung, handled and prepared in the best manner possible.


We are all being encouraged to live our lives in a more ecologically sustainable manner these days, and indeed many of us have been doing just this, long before politicians realised there may be some ‘mileage’ in raising their own ecological ‘game’ by following suit. We’ve incorporated this long-held philosophy into our business, by keeping things on a local footing. To this end, we source our venison and small game locally, thus helping to keep the distance produce travels (food miles) low.

Some of the advantages of venison as an alternative meat in our diet are as follows:

  • A totally free-foraging, healthy and supreme-quality, all-natural alternative to other red meats
  • Low in fat, high in protein and Iron, and totally free of additives – i.e. good for you!
  • Simple to prepare – check out a selection of our own favourite recipes & preparation ideas, along with suggestions for accompanying sauces, wines and other produce on our website
  • A locally-sourced, low-mileage (environmentally-kind and sustainable), quality product
  • All our venison is sourced from sustainably managed estates, where traditional, best practice methods and skills are in operation, therefore benefiting both the local infrastructure and helping safeguard rural jobs
  • An economically competitive product when compared like-for-like with other red meats. Venison is deer, but not too dear!