Why Venison?

Wild Venison – the healthy red meat choice

Q: Why is wild venison considered to be a ‘healthy choice’ meat?

A: Wild venison is low in saturated fat and one of the lowest cholesterol meats, yet is protein and mineral rich, and is a totally additive-free product. The healthy types of fat are of particular relevance in this age, as also is the high iron content of the meat.

Venison is often the choice of allergy sufferers, many of which are exacerbated or triggered by meat products which have been ‘improved’ or modified/adulterated to either enhance their keeping properties or to increase the weight (and hence profit margin) of the product – ‘more for less’ syndrome. As we all know though, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and you generally get what you pay for when it comes to mass-processed food! Wild venison is thankfully beyond reproach in these respects, and the living animals are generally found to be in excellent condition where traditional management techniques prevail.large-herd-deer

Over the millennia, mankind has revered the speed, grace, nobility and courage of deer, depicting its image in art ever since he dwelled in caves. The various deer species around the world have sustained indigenous peoples for centuries, and continue to be of vital importance for many tribal communities across the globe.

Today, in our busy, modern world, venison is sometimes overlooked as a meat of choice for the all too often stressed cook in the house, yet its healthy attributes are now acknowledged by many; some are unsure how best to prepare it, whilst others have heard from voices from the past that it can be tough, coarse or strong in flavour! Properly sourced and prepared, venison is none of these, and most who try it are pleasantly surprised just how good it really tastes, even before considering the health-promoting benefits of the meat.


It is easily overlooked that this simple and well-known axiom applies to both man and beast alike. In the case of our native roe deer (capreolus capreolus), this saying seems to be very much part of their daily discipline. Research into the feeding habits of this, our most common yet elusive deer species, shows they are very selective in their diet, carefully choosing the most tender, uncontaminated and nutritious forage available in their range. They are often seen feeding on various flower species just before the blossoms open, i.e. when the sugar content of the plant is most concentrated This makes good sense in any survival strategy – why waste time eating second rate food? Maybe it is this lesson we need to re-learn. If the deer is choosing the best food available, and is therefore a product of that choice, then it follows that the venison must also be inherently of good nutritional value The wolf knows it, the Saami and other indigenous tribes of the northern hemisphere know it too. It seems it is only Western, (or ‘Modern’) Man who has largely forgotten this fact. Our mission is to bring this most healthy, versatile and tasty meat to your table!