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Venison Shortage?

Did someone say there was a venison shortage? It’s strange though, that on the one hand all the ills of the ‘natural world’ in Scotland are blamed upon there being too many deer, and strenuous efforts are made to flatten them, and yet we are told there aren’t enough to satisfy demand – time to rethink policy toward our utilisation of a wonderful, natural, most healthy and sustainable resource?Red_deer_stag.jpg

Wild versus Farmed?

We are sure you will have heard of both wild and farmed venison but you may not know that the word venison actually means meat from a hunted animal, so ‘farmed’ venison is a bit of an oxymoron. Therefore, comparing meat from wild venison to that of a farmed animal… …well…let your taste buds be the judge, never mind the research findings that indicate which is the better one for you! It would be too bad if the wild deer were to go the same way as the wild salmon, and we only had the farmed variety to eat – we are thinking chalk’n’cheese!

Fresh, prime venison cuts – the natural choice from Natures’s own larder:
Pray, try the wild-roe’s tender meat,
sic fine in texture – sure, a treat!
An’ heartily ye’ll clean tthe plate
– O’ these few facts, there’s NO debate!