Here are some of the types of cut and product we offer, for both roe and red deer

Diced Shoulder
Best Diced Steak
Osso Bucco
Boned & Rolled Haunch
Rolled Rump Roast
Rolled TopsidRoast
Rolled Silverside
Ghillie Rump Steaks
Rump and Topside Steaks   
Fajita strips
Loin medallions
Trimmed Striploin
Trimmed Fillet
Butterfly steaks
Loin Chunks
Middle Neck Steaks
Venison Carpaccio
Garlic cured Venison
Oak-Smoked Venison
And our NEW: “999” (- rather ‘hot
chilli-infused, smoked venison slices!)

 And from the offal (all trimmed)

All the above products are vacuum sealed and date-labelled. Other cuts are also available to order, eg Crown Roast, Guard of Honour, Barnsley Chops, etc. When available, we offer Sika venison, from these deer which are prized for their succulent meat.

Other products


We also produce a mean oak-smoked cheddar cheese, which is offered in both lightly and more robustly smoked versions (the latter termed ‘Weel-reekit’), and also very lightly-smoked Wensleydale cheese. Other smoked produce is available seasonally, such as pigeon breast, etc.